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Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Founder of Planet Ayurveda

For a long time, Dr. Vikram Chauhan was suffering with Acute Tonsillitis, and used to get relief from it with the natural home remedies. One day, he visited Dr. Gulati as a patient. Dr. Gulati is a renowned Ayurveda Specialist worldwide who help people to heal from various chronic diseases with all his knowledge and experience. At the time of Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s visit, Dr. Gulati was teaching the final year students of Ayurveda as well as providing consultations to the patients there. He asked and inspired him to move forward in Ayurveda field. Then Dr. Gulati provided him with the treatment for his disease as well as enlightened his path to pursue a career in Ayurveda. This ray of inspiration and his interest in Ayurveda took him towards it and he started his journey with Ayurveda in 1998.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan went to Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar, for studying BAMS (Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medical Science), and got more interested to learn about Ayurveda and its amazing benefits. Afterwards, he pursued his MD – Ayurveda studies at Ayurvedic Institution in Patiala along with the Yoga and Naturopathy Diploma from Gandhian Sciences in Chandigarh. It was not an easy journey in an era, where people easily opt for the alternatives to get quick reliefs without considering the adverse consequences, due to which Ayurveda, which is the best method of healing and does not have any side-effects, was getting dominated by the modern medicines, just because of its slow action. After the completion of his academics in Ayurveda, he went back to Dr.Gulati for the internship and became his follower to learn all about Ayurveda. Dr. Gulati’s professional growth and practice of giving healthy life to people through his immense and widespread knowledge in Ayurveda, always influenced him to treat each and every individual in the world using the wonderful natural herbs and to lay the foundation of a healthy and disease-free society without unbalancing the natural processes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan proudly says that it was really the best decision of his life to contribute his life in making the society healthier with Ayurveda. He always feel blessed and thankful to the love, care and respect that he has been earning and walking on the path of exaggerating Ayurveda. It has become an inseparable part of his life that made him a Doctor in Ayurveda who is respected around the world for his contribution to the wellness of people in all corners of the world. He conducts researches on the different concepts of Ayurveda, and natural herbs, attending many seminars, conferences, award shows, conveying lectures, get interviewed by TV and Radio Channels, writing articles and blogs for Planet Ayurveda website, many national and international newspapers, and magazines and many more. Also, his team of Doctors have conducted many health consultation events with Planet Ayurveda Resellers and Distributors of which one of them is Mr SJ Chiromo, the founder and CEO of Africa Ayurveda Centre.

With every walk in nature, we receive far more than we seek..!by discovering nature, we discover ourselves..!! 

( A quote by Dr. Vikram Chauhan)