About Africa Ayurveda Centre

Africa Ayurveda Centre is the largest distributor and reseller of Planet Ayurveda products in Africa and South Africa in particular, with its registration number 2016 / 396272 / 07. This company was founded by Mr. SJ Chiromo, a scholar, after discovering that Ayurveda (Indian) herbs and supplements are known to have reversed and cured various complicated diseases in both developed and developing countries. Nonetheless, these herbs are in short supply in South Africa and Africa at large. With an aim of contributing to the restoration of healthy life for humanity in African countries, Africa Ayurveda Centre discovered Planet Ayurveda, an Indian based company, as the only hope to close the gap of short supply of Indian herbs on the basis that it is a registered and certified ayurvedic company globally.

Africa Ayurveda Centre is dedicated to the promotion of natural herbs and bringing their benefits to the common African man. We definitely need your regular encouragement and support to spread the message of “living close to nature” to lead a healthy and happy life. The Africa Ayurveda Centre also conducts ayurveda training programmes to African communities with the aim of creating awareness about the ayurveda herbs and their amazing ability to cure or reverse complicated diseases that have deteriorated the health of many African communities. Thus, we are the source of knowledge about the Ayurveda Philosophy which currently has inadequately reached most African communities.

The Ayurveda products that we distribute and sell are 100% pure and herbal. The resulting rate of these products is very high and positive in different countries of the world. Our mother company, Planet Ayurveda is ranked the highest in terms of their ayurveda products and services that are provided by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, the founder of Planet Ayurveda, and his team of Ayurveda doctors. We are delighted that these doctors offer assistance to Africa Ayurveda Centre by providing advices with regard to various diseases and their corresponding Ayurveda products. Our clients also access these doctors’ advices directly, or through us for free. The standardized extract of herbs are used in the formulation of our products, lovers are spread all over the globe because of the quality and effectiveness of our products. Great emphasis is laid on the selection of the right type of raw material and herbs used for manufacturing Planet Ayurveda herbal products which we distribute and resell. We have so many herbal products on our list.

Our aims and objectives

We believe it is not too late to restore the healthy life of African communities that was bestowed upon them by the creator. 

We aim at becoming the life changer for African humanity from life full of sickness to life full of health. We believe there is life in natural herbs and every tree and root has potential to cure diseases but this knowledge has been ignored through ignorance. We are here to restore that knowledge to the African communities. Ayurveda philosophy upholds our ancient way of living that had scientifically proven to be relevant to the sustainability of human heathy life.

Just as there are tablets, capsules, liquids, suspensions and powders in modern pharmacy, the Ayurvedic dosage forms are termed Gutika, Taila, Avaleha, Asava, Arishta, Ark, Churna, Vati, Pishti and Rasayana. All the pharmacopeial preparations of our ayurveda products are done in a purely ayurvedic way by our mother company, Planet Ayurveda. The Shastriya Paddhati, which is the good manufacturing practice is strictly followed in our processes.

Our Vision

We strive to make ayurveda herbal wellness a part of every home in South Africa and Africa at large. 

Our mother company, Planet Ayurveda explored 5000 years ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and blended it with modern scientific research to develop effective herbal supplements, which actually give positive results. We want to be the most trusted company in scientific herbal healthcare in Africa and be admired for our ethics, values and commitments to healthy sustainability. We aim at disseminating awareness in respect of how to live healthier lives, not only from our herbs and healthy supplements, but also by sharing knowledge of Ayurveda principles and processes to the African communities.