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Wheat Grass Powder


· Rich in vitamins, minerals, natural anti-oxidants
· Fights diseases like cancer, diabetes and many others
· Popular as “Green Blood” as its rich in natural nutrients
· which help the body to make new blood in the body
· Make the blood alkaline, which does not let the bacteria, viruses to grow in alkaline blood
· Detoxifies the organs and blood, helps to clear the skin

Planet Ayurveda Wheat grass powder as made from fresh small plant leaves of baby wheat plants. The powder in micro sized particles quickly gets metabolized and releases a gush of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants in the blood which work like a coordinated team of army to fight cancer, diabetes, ulcers, bleeding disorders and age related disorders. There is no disease which is not healed by wheat grass juice. It can be hair loss, aging, premature graying of hair, wrinkles, blemishes, ulcers, acidity, colitis, hepatitis, cancers of all types, skin ailments, metabolic, hormonal diseases, infertility, weakness, to cope up side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy and so on.

How to take (Dosage) – 1 teaspoonful twice daily , with water, 1 hr. after meals.
Pack Size : 100 gms